Girts Cirulis was born in Riga in 1972 and is a 6th generation inhabitant of the city. His family tree boasts such Latvian cultural gems as Ansis Cirulis and Karlis Cirulis. Therefore, the desire for creative expression has been coded into his genes.

Girts began his goldsmith’s path in 1993, when he started studying and working at a jewellery college, headed by Olegs Auzers. From 1995 until 2000 Girts worked as a jewellery model maker at the Riga branch of the American company “Berebi”. He began his private business in 2000 by opening a goldsmith’s workshop in Riga.

The workshop specializes in making individual jewellery. Originality and quality are of utmost importance. To ensure this, Girts Cirulis regularly follows the latest trends and technological developments in art jewellery by visiting the most significant trade shows in the world. The master craftsman provides his clients with 3D sketches of the designs.